Evening Spin up Norwood Edge with the Go Pro

Norwood Edge is infamous locally with the road cycling fraternity myself included. Short and steep to begin with as you leave the reservoir behind and then alpine, of a fashion, until it reaches the tops at Norwood. Cycling down it can be great fun for the confident cyclist, swooping turns and some serious speed (for a push bike). Riding up it, for an (ahem) larger gentleman like myself, can be nothing short of purgatory.


It takes on a whole other dimension on a motorbike though, far less tiring. To get there you take in Farnley lane from either the Otley or Pool side, which in itself is a beautiful ride, up to and over the reservoir. On a sunny and warm day there are few better spots, especially first or last thing when the traffic is often non existent.

So it seemed a fitting spot for me to test out my new Go Pro. I’m a complete newcomer to action cameras however the Go Pro seems to make getting started simple enough and, after opting for a mount on top of my old helmet (didn’t fancy mucking up my new Shark Spartan), I was off and on my way. A circumnavigation of Harrogate and Spofforth to get warmed up and then over to Pool in Wharfedale to head up Farnley Lane towards the reservoir.


It was just starting to spot with rain, so I took it pretty steady however it was still pretty enjoyable all the same. If you are in the area and fancy a short sharp ride in beautiful terrain, why not give this one a go, I promise you it’s worth it.

If you’d like to watch the footage click on this link or on the video below (and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel)

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2 thoughts on “Evening Spin up Norwood Edge with the Go Pro

  1. Hi. How about a piece about your choice of bike and how and why you purchased it and if the street isn’t your first one then about your first. You never forget your first love 😜


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