Street Triple R – flies through first service

Well doesn’t time fly? I suddenly realised that today would be the one month anniversary since the Street Triple was delivered by West Yorkshire Triumph and I’d better get a wriggle on with the first service to avoid any warranty complications. The first service is due at the sooner of 1 month or 500 miles and I’d somehow convinced myself that it was the other way round. Still, a quick call to the dealership to explain the problem and they agreed to take it in on Saturday afternoon the following day (phew!)

The weather was largely dry and cold and there was some ice in places first thing so I had some trepidation setting off. I decided to take A roads and take it extra steady and arrived in good time.

In all honesty West Yorkshire Triumph (and Ducati Leeds – it’s a single franchise for both brands) couldn’t have been more accommodating. Nothing was too much trouble for them, they even managed to replace the small painted ring on the petrol tank filler cap where the silver paint had flaked / chipped as part of the service, taking a spare off another shop bike to avoid me having to come back another day.

Having a couple of hours to wait gave me a great opportunity to have a bit of a leer at all the other exotic bikes in the shop and chat to the owner and technicians about some of their own projects like this Ducati 748 which had been the subject of a ground up renovation.


The service including new tank ring was all done in around two hours so I set off back from Shipley in the advancing twilight and was about to head towards Otley when I decided to have a quick shufty in Craig’s Honda, a largely one make dealer with a reputation for holding some rare and classic bikes. The salesman there was great, he gave me the run of the shop and even offered me a coffee while I nosed about even though it was nearly closing time.

Although they had all sorts in stock, including a Senna 916 with 6km only on the clock, Β the stand out bikes for me where this pair of RC30 and RC45 in absolutely beautiful condition.


They also had this stunning ( I’d say concourse to be honest) 1969 CB750 with the sand-cast engine casing, a real piece of Japanese motorcycling history. I’m not a huge fan of vintage Japanese bikes of this era if I’m honest however I had to admire the finish and detail on this legendary early Honda sports bike.


Having exhausted my bike perving in two (a gaggle?) of Shipley’s finest bike dealerships I headed back over to Harrogate via Otley making it home in time for tea. My initial impressions of the Street Triple have been excellent and it certainly earns it’s lofty reputation as a do everything mid weight naked sportsbike. It’s agile, flickable, has an exceptionally smooth power curve (unlike the 848 EVO) and never feels like it’s going to catch you out (again unlike the Ducati). Now I just need to finish running it in so I can test that 14k redline πŸ˜€


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