Why Bikes?

I started the coolbikesofharrogate site because of a long held latent passion I have for motorcycles; having been successfully deterred by my father from joining the motorcycling fraternity at the age of 16. Wisely he promised me a car to drive, and a cool one (MG Midget) at that, provided I gave up on any notions of buying an RD 350 LC or some similar late 80’s 2 stroke that I’d been endlessly lusting over in Bike Magazine (does anyone remember Ogri?).

Dad was a national standard motorcycle racer in his late 20’s (here’s a picture of him and mum in the paddock at Silloth in the late 60’s) and was married with his wrist in a pot amongst other more serious injuries; perhaps understandably he wasn’t keen to have his eldest son follow him down the motorcycling route if he could possibly help it.


Well, although he managed to deter me for the first 44 years of my life, it couldn’t last forever, the pull of two wheels was just too strong, in my blood you might say. So here I am, the motorcycling equivalent of a MAMIL cyclist. Perhaps a MAMIWTML would be appropriate – a middle aged man in way too much leather. Having survived this long, the least I can do for my old man is make sure I wear the best protection available.

In future blog posts I hope to share a bit more about the Harrogate biking fraternity and the beautiful routes I’m now exploring on two wheels in and around North Yorkshire.


4 thoughts on “Why Bikes?

  1. Thanks for the follow. My husband (you may have discovered) has rekindled a love of bikes in his retirement. He has sold the Exterminator (don’t ask, I couldn’t tell you a thing about it, except it had two wheels and went vroom vroom). Now he is searching the land of Oz for a 3 wheeler trike so he can do road trips in comfort. He has a dream of getting me into bikie leathers too – it will remain a dream 🙂

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